My name is Cédric Bonel (aka Gophrette Power). I'm a photo-reporter based in Montreal and my subjects are my sports activities. I started the Troisième Oeil project in 2015 to introduce my work in a different way than just publish it on some social medias without explanations and lost the control on it. The most important point is to present my reports with a description of what I could observed.

Of course, I meet a lot of sportsmen during my adventures and sports practices (bicycling and triathlon) and sometime the articles are wrote by these athletes participating to the events that I cover. That sounds much more interesting than having just my point of view with words... Which is often the same.

You gonna learn more about me and my work through the rubrics above.


email : gophrette@gmail.com

instagram : gophobservation

 caption by  Chiara Redaschi

caption by Chiara Redaschi