Driveway Series 2016

text : Andrian Flores - photo : Gophrette Power


Imagine if you will, that you live in a climate where it's possible to race your bike from early February through October. Texas is blessed with this weather. But it doesn't stop there. For the last 15 years Austin, the cycling mecca of Texas has had some variation of the Driveway Series. It runs every Thursday evening from Mid March to October on a professional race car track just outside of town. A scenic bike path will take you from Downtown Austin and drop you off one 1km on a quiet road up to the race course. Or you can drive and park easily on the grounds. This perfect pavement is meticulously maintained and hosts more than 300 cyclists every week. Of the 6 races put on each week, 2 regularly sell out at their 75 and 115 racer caps respectively. Sponsors come out to provide free beer, wine coolers, massage, light-mechanic service, redbulls and many more food trucks and amenities line the race course week in and week out. Families of racers come out and enjoy this weekly community gathering with dogs and children and everyone is invited to enjoy the scene together. It's from this environment that Texas breeds some of the USA's fastest cyclists. We test out fitness against former National Champions of New Zealand, United Kingdom and the USA regularly. Pros regularly visit the track to race and pros are made from this weekly gathering.

Complet photo report on Flickr : Drive Way Series 2016