My name is Cédric Bonel (aka Gophrette Power). I'm a photo-reporter based in Montreal and my subjects are my sports activities. I started the Troisième Oeil project in 2015 to introduce my work in a different way than just publish it on some social medias without explanations and lost the control on it. The most important point is to present my reports with a description of what I could observed.

Of course, I meet a lot of sports(wo)men during my adventures and sports practices (bicycling, running and triathlon) and sometime the articles are wrote by these athletes participating to the events that I cover. That sounds much more interesting than having just my point of view.

You gonna learn more about me and my work through the rubrics above.


email : gophrette@gmail.com

instagram : gophobservation

caption by  Chiara Redaschi

caption by Chiara Redaschi