Keira McVitty : RHCBK9

text : Keira McVitty - photo : Gophrette Power


My first time in New York and my first RHC Brooklyn. It is fair to say in fact that my week in Brooklyn has been one of many first time experiences. My first top antagonist prize and podium. The first complete WBN? (WHYBENORMAL?) Women's fixed team. And the first full RHC season for us is underway.

I felt in good shape for the race but the qualifying was my worst to date - 17th on the grid. When I lined up for the race I thought about how long I had anticipated that moment. I was there in Brooklyn, hours away from home. About to launch myself into a double hairpin after a few hundred metres in front of huge crowds and make my bid for the top spot. The moment I started my nerves disappeared and I became involved with the task at hand. Our team plan was to keep the race as hard as possible and to position Hayley for the final gallop. Hayley and I took turns in attacking and counter-attacking each other. The race fragmented around us as all the big teams took turns to break up the race. Coming into the last couple of laps Hayley, Johanna and I were sitting near the front of the group. Coming into 1 lap to go there was a big crash taking out Hayley and numerous top riders. Seeing my team mate go head first into the barriers made my stomach turn and loose my focus somewhat...what was I meant to do now?

Coming into the last lap I was a bit far back but coming down the last straight I made a big effort to move up into the last few corners. I was sprinting flat out but I didnt realise that there were still bodies on the outside of the last corner! I had to back off a bit to avoid them and I crossed the line 5th. I was over the moon to finish upright let alone get on the podium. My team mate Johanna followed in behind for 6th. Corinne price 10th and Corinne Casati 19th. Despite 2 DNF's within the team we are now leading the team championship by over 30 points... I was so proud of all the team and I am so happy to be apart of it.

The top antagonist prize was the cherry on top as a reward for my relentless efforts to animate the race.

Red hook crit is like nothing else. You finish the race and your whole body is shaking from the adrenaline. You are utterly terrified yet still come back for more.

Thank you RHC and Thankyou Brooklyn!