introduction : Martin Rancourt - text :  Fred Tremblay - photo : Gophrette Power


“We can officially declare that the "Rouleurs" project is well and truly started!”

This statement that dates back almost three seasons now. Throughout that time lots has changed but a lot has remained the same. More than ever I’ve seen people adopt cycling as an integral part of their life and while the club continues to grow, bringing people together is one of my greatest pleasures! I can truly say I’ve witnessed cycling at its best through the Rouleurs lens. We find common ground together and there is no concerne for age, gender, or social status. The Rouleurs are a facilitator for the good stuff.

Fred is one those guys I don’t think I would’ve ever met without bikes. I’d heard he was a capable rider but never really paid attention until he’d won a “Rouleurs Commuting Challenge”. We figured the contest would push people out of their comfort zone but it turned out this was peanuts for Fred. A guy who was crushing upwards of 12 000km a year. Intimidation set in the first time we started talking about numbers while I was trying to gauge what would motivate someone to go that far. Turned out his story made sense, it was far from intimidating just strait up inspiring!

We’re extremely glad to welcome him on as an ambassador @OpusBike. Here’s a snip it; 


I believe biking saved my life. 6 years ago, after getting injured at work, my physical therapist suggested cycling to get in shape. I was overweight, overworked and in a negative mindset with thoughts constantly racing. I had a bike at home but never took it seriously. Point A to Point B. Every now and then.

It was a fixed gear bike and nothing fancy, but something clicked when I got on it at that time. And every day after that. I sold that bike, bought another one and so on. All fixed gear’s. I started taking them further and further. I was wearing commuter clothes and didn’t even imagine things like Garmin’s or Clipless pedals. I just wanted to get on my bike because every time I did my mind finally couldn’t keep up. All muscle, no memory. I was starting to feel faster, stronger and not to mention, losing weight. 40 km, 60 km, 80 km, 150 km and so on. Whatever the distance, I was riding it. Steep hills, I was climbing them. I was commuting to work every day, 70km each time. I started to realize that as much I was loving my bike and the simplicity of no gears, I wanted more challenges and the equipment to make that happen.

A road bike was next. I had it fitted and everything dialed in. The distances of the rides grew because I just wanted to be out there. I have never raced, and that chance may be gone now, but long distance is something I can do and is an element I feel natural in. The road was paved with opportunity, but I also discovered the dirt. 

For me, gravel riding combines the challenge of an ever-changing terrain while still getting climbs and distance. The trifecta. And it was clear that I needed a bike that could keep up with that. 

Enter the Opus Horizon. With a simple change of the wheel I have the opportunity to turn a commuter bike, into a road bike, into a gravel grinder and back again. It’s built to handle the distances I crave on any terrain and still light, fast and oh so polyvalent

I still keep my past bikes and appreciate what each can offer me. They serve as a marker for moments in my life where I discovered a new style. As space becomes limited, and even time for maintenance; the Opus Horizon has just made sense. 

Commuting to work is still a daily affair. From the first days of Spring until the first real snow starts accumulating on the ground, I’m always trying to be on the bike. Every ride is an opportunity to be better but now there is no longer the need to run from my thoughts. Just a daily form of therapy and exercise that has me feeling better and grateful for every day. For me there’s no such thing as "junk miles" and certainly not on this bike.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for me on it. 


Frame : OPUS Horizon

Handlebar / Stem : RITCHEY - WCS Evocurve

Bartape : Mash SF

Saddle : Ritchey

Seatpost : Easton EA70

Transmission : Sram Force

Brakes/Shifters : Sram Red Hydro

Wheelset (road version) : DT-Swiss ARC1100 DICUT / DT-Swiss 240 Hubs

Wheelset (gravel version) : DT-Swiss XR331  / DT-Swiss 240 Hubs

Tires (road version) : Vittoria RubinoPro 30c

Tires (gravel version) : Panaracer GravelKings 38c