Trimble Racing 1996

collaboration : David August Trimble & YVO


This bike was designed and fabricated by my uncle Brent Trimble in 1996. He was commissioned by GT Bicycles to create this frame for Marty Nothstein at the 96 Olympics in Atlanta. He won a silver medal in the sprint and also multiple World Championships that year on this frame. At the Sydney Olympics in 2000 he won gold in the Sprint !

Both my father James and my uncle Brent were pioneers in carbon frame design. In fact that built the first ever composite monocoque frames. Brent went on to co-found Kestrel. His Kestrel 4000 frame is to this day one of the most influential designs of all time in cycling. Later he built mountain bikes under his own name and worked with GT as part of the Olympic Superbike project. Personally during this time period I was involved so heavily in motorsports I wasn’t paying attention to the amazing accomplishments of my family’s bike designs (I was also a teenager). Later when I started the Red Hook Crit everything came full circle. I convinced my uncle to make 3 new frames using the molds which he still had. The frame the Yvo races is one of these new edition frames.

Over the years a lot of riders have competed on this frame at the crit. I don’t select the athletes because we care of they win but because we are friends. I have no commercial ambition for this bike except to see it racing around at high speed with my family name on it. Yvo has become a tremendous roll model and asset to have at the race. When it looked like he couldn’t make it to Brooklyn this year I realized it would be a great determent to the race if he wasn’t there. Luckily he agreed to ride this bike and race in a Red Hook Crit jersey. Yvo is proof that it really doesn’t matter if you win or not at the crit. You can become hugely successful just by being cool and friendly. 

  • Frame : Trimble Racing

  • Fork : Ritchey

  • Head Set : Interloc Racing

  • Crank : Omnium + Blackspire

  • Pedals : Shimano

  • Cockpit : Cinelli NEOS / Thomson

  • Saddle : San Marco RHC Series

  • Wheels : FFWD F4R

  • Tires : Vittoria Open Pave